6 Advantages of Using Frozen Semen for a Stallion Owner

Whether you use your stallion just for your own breeding program or you offer him for breeding to outside mares through AI (artificial insemination), you are aware of the

complications and craziness that occurs during breeding season.

Mares do not care about your schedule and are always fooling the vets and owners resulting in last minute requests for semen.

As the stallion owner you want to be able to respond as quickly as possible. Here are 6 advantages to using frozen semen and making your life easier.


  1. No wasted semen.

    The average stallion will produce enough semen to breed 8 – 10 mares when extended for fresh cooled or frozen.

    All of the frozen you collect can be saved indefinitely and used as each mare is ready for breeding.

    The fresh cooled must be used in a couple of days and then it is no longer viable, so if you are only breeding 1 or 2 mares you will lose valuable semen every time you collect.

  2. Fewer collections = less stress on the stallion’s back and joints.

    The process of collection can be taxing on the stallion’s body.

    Since you can collect more usable semen with every jump and store it forever, he can perform this task less often and be in better shape for other activities.

  3. The stallion’s schedule is not dependent on the breeding schedule of the mares.

    He can be collected anytime that is convenient for the stallion owner’s schedule.

    He can attend shows, clinics, or other events and is mind will be more focused on his job because his “breeding season” was months ago.

  4. Containers used for shipping frozen semen will keep it viable for up to 2 weeks.

    This means that the timing for getting the semen to the mare does not have to be so precise.

    No more Saturday deliveries or other special shipping arrangements.

    The containers can also hold enough semen for multiple mares saving the mare owner shipping fees.

    If they have access to the proper long term storage container for frozen semen, they can ship enough for their entire breeding season all at once – and it can contain multiple stallions.

  5. It insures against loss of use.

    The stallion owner can plan for storing semen to insure against the loss of the stallion’s availability from injury, illness, or death.

    Some people have even done this because they have decided to geld the stallion (for various reasons), but there is still a demand or reason to breed with him.

  6. The collection, processing, and shipping can be handled by a service.

    The amount of money it costs for the collection can be recovered from the sale of just a few breeding’s to your stallion depending on how much you had collected and your stud fees.

    The mare owner typically pays for the processing and shipping, but with a service all you have to do is notify them that the mare owner is authorized for X amount of doses and then send the instructions and forms provided by the service to the mare owner and you are done.

    Be sure to use one that is reputable like Select Breeders Service, Inc.


The protocols for using frozen semen have become much simpler in the last few years.

If you have not tried it because of the difficulty or costs involved that were objections in the past, you owe it to yourself and your stallion to check the SBS site.

Look through their articles for the stallion owner as well as the mare owner – so you know how to counter their objections and educate them.

If you still have doubts or questions about using frozen semen, here are some great articles from Select Breeders Service, Inc.:

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