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Hi! My name is Linda Wanstreet.  I’ve been breeding Sport Horses since 1999 and I created this blog to share everything I know and everything I can find that a Sport Horse Breeder needs or would like to know.

My life changed when my husband asked the question – “Why don’t you look for that horse farm you’re always talking about running to when you’re all stressed out?”

Once I had the farm, the stallion and the mares I set out to breed the “best to the best” and create the best possible Sport Horse that I could.  My constant quest for knowledge and desire to achieve led me to research all the books, websites, and magazine articles I could find to help me achieve this goal.  Most of the information I found had nothing to do with Sport Horses so I looked at the top breeders in the U.S for guidance.

I was lucky enough to get connected to Scott and Susanne Hassler while they were at Hilltop Farm and received lots of valuable information from them and have also established a relationship with Michael Bragdell for young horse clinics and so much more. They continue to be my guiding light.

I have found that there are many generous Sport Horse Breeders as well as many Warmblood Breed Registries that want to help other people produce quality horses. They want to see successful breeding programs producing the best performance horses possible.  Competition is welcomed – it only produces greatness!


–          News and Events in the Sport Horse Breeding world

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–          Breeding information

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–          Top Sport Horse Stallions

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–          Interesting or inspiring stories about Sport Horse Breeding

–          Ideas suggested by readers

–          If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me and I will find and post it for you (and send you an e-mail with the information as soon as it is completed).


I will be posting at least once a week and if you subscribe you will receive my posts via your e-mail account so you don’t have to remember to check for updates.

If something important is happening in the Sport Horse Breeding world, I will time the updates so that you are informed as soon as possible.


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