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6 Advantages of Using Frozen Semen for a Stallion Owner

Whether you use your stallion just for your own breeding program or you offer him for breeding to outside mares through AI (artificial insemination), you are aware of the complications and craziness that occurs during breeding season. Mares do not care about your schedule and are always fooling the vets and owners resulting in last […]

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Welcome to Sport Horse Breeder:

The Place to Find Information, News, and Education On Creating Quality Sport Horse Equine Athletes   I am passionate about Sport Horse Breeding. I could talk about it all day and I am constantly looking for answers to questions, studying successful breeders, and attending events, shows, or inspections so that I can learn more. I […]

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10 Important Steps to Help In Choosing a Stallion for Your Mare

You have a nice, perhaps beautiful mare that you love and are considering breeding her. Does she have great bloodlines and conformation? Is she is registered with a recognized breed registry and maybe even already approved for breeding? If not, start with step #1 to insure your mare is a good candidate for breeding. This […]

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Should You Geld Your Colt?

YES! I know. You have a really nice colt, maybe he was a premium foal at his inspection, the judge really liked him and everybody says he is stallion material. I have heard all these things frequently about many of the colts I see and I have even harbored some of these thoughts and feelings […]

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The Grey Color Gene in Horses

I own a homozygous grey stallion, Patrick.  Both of his parents were grey. All of his offspring will be grey. This is because the grey gene is a dominant gene and it removes all other color from any horse that carries the gene. The foals are born chestnut, bay, black, and could even be pinto […]

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Sport Horse Breeding in the U.S.

It is very challenging to develop a business of Sport Horse Breeding in the U.S. If you are a responsible breeder that uses only approved stallions and mares with the goal of producing a superior performance horse by breeding the best to the best, you will frequently be met with indifference by many prospective buyers. […]

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