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I am passionate about Sport Horse Breeding.

I could talk about it all day and I am constantly looking for answers to questions, studying successful breeders, and attending events, shows, or inspections so that I can learn more.

I know that other breeders also want to know everything they can to produce quality equine athletes.

But it takes a lot of time – and we both know where you want and need to spend your time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone was collecting information for you in one place, sending out updates about important events, interviewing top breeders, judges, trainers, and riders in the Sport Horse world, and would do research for you?

How much time would that save you?

That is what I will do for you at Sport Horse Breeder.


A Sport Horse Breeder must know the Sport Horse World.

What are the judges looking for at the inspections and breed shows?

Which breeding lines are right for your breeding goals?

How are other Sport Horse breeders successfully marketing their stallions and/or young horses?

How do you market a talented young Sport Horse or campaign a stallion?

What are the Dressage, Jumper, Hunter, and Eventing riders and trainers looking for in their next prospect? How is a successful Sport Horse Breeding Business built?

I am going to be addressing these questions and many more at Sport Horse Breeder.


The goal of a Sport Horse Breeder is to produce quality equine athletes.

You want to spend your time and energy creating equine athletes with the qualities of conformation, movement, and temperament that are suitable for Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Combined Driving, or Hunters.

To accomplish these goals you need:

  • Education about Sport Horse breeding and Sport Horse Breed Registries
  • Information on blood lines and top producing stallions
  • Tips on breeding, foaling, and caring for mares and/or stallions
  • Help with foal care, handling, and training
  • Resources for breeding supplies, equipment, training, and services

I will provide the education, information, tips, help, and resources you need to accomplish your breeding goals because I want to see you create quality Sport Horse Equine Athletes for the world!

Join me!

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